8.10.2020 – must not be hasty

must not be hasty
is easier to shout stop!
than it is to stop

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien writes in his book, The Two Towers; being the second part of The Lord of the rings, about when the two hobbits, Merry and Pippen, meet the oldest living creature in Middle Earth.

Fangorn or Treebeard discusses the current world situation in the land. especially the local ongoings of the nearby wizard named Saruman.

About this feller Saruman, Fangorn says, “his face as I remember it became like windows in a stone wall: windows with shutters inside.”

Fangorn gets so worked that he says it must stop.

He then says, “I will stop it.”

Then he says, “But I spoke hastily. We must not be hasty for it is easier to shout stop! than to do it.”

Abraham Lincoln would tell how his office was full of people telling him how to run the war and that he HAD to get rid of this General and that General and replace them with ANYBODY.

Mr. Lincoln is recorded to say something along of the lines of, “That is fine for you, but who do I put in their place.?ANYBODY may work for you, but I must have somebody.”

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