May 11 – music, emotions

music, emotions
sounds that you hear what you feel
quiet city plays

I am in awe of the concept of music.

I was up early this morning. It was quiet. Gray outside, slowly getting brighter.

Quiet City by Aaron Copland was playing as I had my morning coffed.

The bond between the music, my emotions and my physical surroundings was surreal.

I do not understand how music like this is even thought up let alone written down.

How do Copland, Mozart and Ellington do that?

I was taken out of myself and this world for a few minutes of something beyond words.

Are there words? Maybe I don’t know them yet.

After almost 60 years maybe this is the best explanation for reading and wanting to read I have ever come up with.

My search for words.

As for the music. I can’t write it. I can’t play an instrument. I can enjoy it. Isn’t that enough.

As for moments like this, I don’t they can be planned, they can only happen.

This was came to end when my youngest son got up.

He can’t go through a doorway without slamming it.

He cannot take a shower without singing and whistling.

He cannot have breakfast with making a fruit smoothie with his rocket blender.

So much for quiet. But for a short time I was in my civilized world.

Clarence Day wrote, ” The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to be a civilized man. After all, I had had a very light lunch, and I was tired and hungry. What with fingernails and improving books and dancing school, and sermons on Sundays, the few chocolate éclairs that a civilized man got to eat were not worth it.”

Maybe not chocolate éclairs but the moment of this morning was worth it.

April 30 – ring topology

concerns network wise
ring topology spanning
the calamari

Based on an actual email I got while working out the problems adding a new machine to the corporate network.

Of the many concentrations in the Information Technology field, Network Architecture is truly the dark side.

So a programmer is on his way home from work and his wife asked to stop at a grocery store.

“Get a loaf a bread”, she said, “and if they have eggs, get a dozen.”

Programmer gets home, gets inside and says to his wife, “They had eggs”, and sets down 12 loaves of bread. (or is it 13?)