About Haiku for You.

The true beginning of Haiku for You has to be credited to Emily Stroud, a reporter at WBIR 10 in Knoxville, TN. At one time I set up the WBIR online election coverage and often would find myself in the WBIR Newsroom on election day. During the pre-election meeting, Emily would read a wonderfully apt haiku. It was an experience I never forget. I used to keep a sticky note of one her haiku’s on my office wall until it got lost in a move.

The last election in 2018, I asked a friend of mine at WBIR if Emily had released her latest haiku, but the reply came back that the Election Haiku was no longer being requested. BUT, just for me, Emily sent this along:

The ballot is in

Election buys builds tonight

We vote for pizza                     Emily Stroud

Fast forward to 2019 and I started writing Haiku in my head as I drove to work and posting them on Facebook.

This led to a mental discussion as Haiku is based on the formula of 3 lines of syllables in the pattern of 5 – 7 -5. Posting on facebook allowed for the use of SILENT emojis along with emphatic use of … and other punctuation that is used in tweets and texts.

These things beg the question, can they be added to Haiku, adding unspoken emphasis, without being counted against the 5 – 7 – 5 pattern.

This is the question I hope to discuss and explore as we go through creating a Haiku for You each day.


Mike Hoffman