8.11.2020 – two kinds of knowledge

two kinds of knowledge
learn yourself, from another – but
all men are liars

Searching online for one thing I came upon another.

At Archive.org I discovered the online editions of Moore’s Rural New-Yorker, a country newspaper from Upstate New York, published in the late 1800’s.

I scanned through several editions and marveled at the use of language in a ‘country newspaper.’

On paragraph, listed under the slug, Bee Authority, caught my eye.

The writer, one M. Quinby, wrote:

There are two kinds of knowledge; what one learns for himself and what he takes on the authority of another.

The former is the best: how much the best becomes evident in some degree when we remember how the world has been enslaved, body and soul, mostly because some one claimed to be master, and no one had the ability or courage to stamp him the knave that he was.

Seeing how this thing has gone on, one is tempted to exclaim with David of old, “All men are liars.”

(Moore’s Rural New-Yorker January 22, 1870)

I am not sure how this got to where M. Quinby got to writing about Bee’s but I thought his feelings pretty much can be applied to today.

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