8.9.2020 – where college football

where college football
deemed indispensable
as blood to the heart

Steve Hummer of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote in his article, Bad day for college football could reverberate in the South, of the overall awfulness of a fall with out college football.

He wrote, “That has to deeply, on a gut level, concern those who live in warmer latitudes and in like-named cities. Places where college football is deemed as indispensable to the fall as helium is to the party balloon or blood is to the heart.

Huge dominoes have fallen. Are they crashing our way?

Know that it’s really big news when the coronavirus pushes back football in the Big Ten and the Pac-12. But also understand that if those in the SEC and ACC eventually are compelled to do the same, that would represent a seismic culture shock. Then we’d be talking about a family crisis.

Of course they love their college football in those other precincts, too. But Southerners have elevated the sport to a way of life. Some would say we have made it too important, but lose a season’s worth of games and then tell me that it didn’t hurt.

Perspective isn’t absent here. We know it has been close to seven months since the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S. and that we’ve lived through far graver things than the putting off of a little tackle football. This disease has picked and picked and picked at the fabric of life, badly fraying it. Denying a Southerner his or her college football would be just another colorful thread pulled loose. Just so happens to be a thread tied at one end to the soul of the South.

Before I could get up on mount my high horse to shout out a loud OH BLESS YOUR HEART I ran across this in a letter by EB White.

He was writing in the spring of 1957 to a friend of his who had just experienced the death of his father.

Mr. White wrote a warm, chatty letter about what traits we inherit from our parents and what traits we pass along.

He added a postscript, “It is also necessary at this season to establish firm emotional connections with a major league ball club, to share in the agonies of their defeats and the ecstasies of their triumphs. Without these simple marriages, none of us could survive.

If Mr. White could feel that way, can Mr. Hummer be far off.

I, for myself, am not in a position to argue.

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