8.8.2020 – priorities straight

priorities straight
covid? money? election?
a good piece of toast!

In the book, WLT a Radio Romance, Garrison Keillor wrote a soliloquy delivered by Ray, the owner of radio station WLT.

Ray said:

Don’t concern yourself with things you can’t change, I say.

It’s more important to make a very good cup of coffee and a very good piece of toast than it is to worry about Josef Stalin, because I can something about breakfast and I can’t do anything about Stalin, and I am sure he’s having a wonderful breakfast.

Five months of Covid and covid fatigue is very fatiguing and I can’t do a thing about it.

I do find no little satisfaction that Covid is still tossed out by the spell check.

I wear my mask but then what?

We are doing okay money wise but it looks and sounds like the country isn’t and if Congress and the President could … Okay, my covid fatigue is too great to even finish the sentence.

Then there is the election.

I know how it should end.

I know how to achieve this end.

And in the end, no one asks me.

So that leaves toast.

Not too light.

Not too dark,

Not too hard.

Not too much butter.

Not too much cinnamon sugar.


Put some effort into it.

Put some heart into it.

And there it is!

A very good piece of toast.

Caring about something that I can care about and do something about.

Something to make it worth my while.

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