8.7.2020 – just being friendly

just being friendly
recent action that needed
an explanation

Walking along the other evening, my wife and I came up behind a family on their way back from the park.

Their was a Mom and a Dad and three little boys.

They were pulling a wagon and one of the boys rode in the wagon facing backwards.

We were conscious of social distancing but a change in the lights at a cross walk brought us up close to together.

The little guy in the wagon stared right at me so I waved.

He waved back.

His brothers turned around to see who he was waving at and they both stared at me.

So I said, “hi guys, how are you all doing tonight?”

The boys just stared and me.

Never said a word.

The light changed and the family started across the street.

We held back to give them some distance.

But I heard one little boy, who was holding his Dad’s hand, say to his Dad, “Why did that man say that?”

His Dad kept walking and said, “He was just being friendly.”

So was this snotty little kids who are told to not talk to strangers?

And I admit, they won’t meet many stranger than me.

Or is there a generation growing up now that needs friendliness to be explained?

Social distancing.


No contact.

Coming at a higher cost everyday.

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