8.6.2020 – I work then time off

I work then time off
after few days I relax
into just myself

I was inspired by a couple days away and this:

That’s what holidays are about, really: time. The hours we work means that we can spend months living alongside other people and feel that we have not really seen them at all. Put us on a cheap flight to Crete and after a few days we relax into ourselves. The stress dissipates. We look across a taverna table at their pink faces as they nurse a cold Mythos and shove courgette fritters into their gobs and we feel, well, love.

In the past few months, I have come to realise just how much I relied on holidays to keep me sane. Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and yes there’s the climate emergency to consider, but the draw is strong.

From We all want a holiday from coronavirus – even if that’s a fantasy by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

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