1.31.2020 -looking down AT me

looking down AT me
peacoat, blue jeans, cowboy boots
Gosh! what year is this?

I looked down at myself this morning.

I saw the front of my peacoat.

I had one strap of a backpack over my right shoulder.

Blue jeans.

501 Button Fly Levis.

And cowboy boots.

My brain hit a time warp.

Was I walking across the parking lot to the TV station where I worked and it was 2020.

Or was I walking across the diag to a class in Ann Arbor back in 1984.

Was my back pack filled with computers and apple devices.

Or was my back pack filled with books and note pads and an apple for lunch.

I describe my wardrobe as “classic”.

My wife and daughters describe it as “Dad’s clothes”.

Cotton button down shirts.

Khaki slacks.

Both plain and pleated so there.

I am not trying to pull off any look.

I am not trying to dress like a college kid.

I am just trying to be comfortable.

The other day my wife got into a discussion about my shoes with some of the boys.

The boys being son Lucas and Alexis’ baby daddy, Taqir.

Wife points at me as says, “He has worn the same low cut, white Nike’s his whole life.”

I respond that actually over the last 40 years I have had 4 pairs of low cut, white Nike’s.

I asked the boys how long a pair of ALL LEATHER white Nike’s should last?

“10 years at least,” was the answer.

“But it’s all the same looking shoe. When do they go out of style?” says wife.

The boys looked at each other.

Looked back at my wife.

And responded together.

“White, Low Cut, All Leather Nike’s go out of Style?”


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