1.30.2020 – more flexible

more flexible
deterrent option

Double U, Seventy Six.

W76-2 to be more precise.

What is the W76-2 you ask?

It is our latest nuclear bomb.

It just shipped out on US Submarines from Kings Bay Naval base at the North River in southeastern Georgia.

It’s production was ordered from the White House in 2018.

According to the Guardian,

The US has deployed its first low-yield Trident nuclear warhead on a submarine that is currently patrolling the Atlantic Ocean, it has been reported, in what arms control advocates warn is a dangerous step towards making a nuclear launch more likely.

Advocates of W76-2 argued that the US had no effective deterrent against Russian tactical weapons because Moscow assumed Washington would not risk using the overwhelming power of its intercontinental ballistic missiles in response, for fear of escalating from a regional conflict to a civilian-destroying war.

Deployment of new US nuclear warhead on submarine a dangerous step, critics sayJulian Borger, Wed 29 Jan 2020.

This is what worries me most about Trump-mania.

When the news focuses almost on the President and what he SAYS, who is paying attention to what he does?

In the last 2 years, the decision was made that the US needed a newer SMALLER Nuclear Bomb.

A bomb SMALLER than the ones dropped on Japan in 1945.

A bomb small enough that if dropped on the US Capitol Building would destroy the building but not even cause windows to break at the White House.

Maybe that is what appealed to the President.

A comparison of how Washington, D.C. might be impacted by the detonation of, from left to right, a W88, a W76-1, and a W76-2, as a generic example, according to NUKEMAP’s models. The gray outer circle is the maximum extent of light damage, such as broken windows. The yellow circle, clearly visible in the cases of the W88 and W76-1, is the extent of thermal raditation, which can cause third degree burns. The other colored bands cover more extensive damage and the spread of radiation, as well as the immediate fireball, outlined in red.

(Above from Navy Missile Sub Has Begun Its First Patrol Armed With Controversial Low Yield Nukesauthor: joe@thedrive.com)

The bomb went into production.

The bomb went into deployment.

Did anyone notice?

I did not notice.

I like to think I follow such things.

I accept the policy of Mutual assured destruction (MAD).

I accept the idea that these bombs are here, both sides have them and that’s that.

I am reminded of Carl Sagan on Nuclear War when he said, “The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five.”

Now the US has the W76-2.

Still waist deep in the gasoline.

But smaller matches.

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