1.29.2020 – man on the beach said

man on the beach said,
try the other side of the boat.
bread, fish on the fire



Ugly words.

Waste and frustration.

Driving fast down the wrong road.

Fishing all night and nothing to show for it.

Peter the Apostle and his buddies went fishing one night.

Went fishing and caught nothing.

Tired, frustrated, most likely a little bit cross with life, hauled in their nets and headed for shore as the sun came up.

Far on the shore a man waved and caught their attention.

How is the fishing? the man on the beach yelled.

Peter might have shook his head slowly or held out his hands, palms up to show their were empty.

“Try the other side of the boat?” yelled the man.

I have often wondered just what Peter thought at this moment.


Maybe not.

Maybe if the man on the beach is Jesus and he is yelling advice, even if you aren’t sure at that time the man is Jesus, something about the man makes you less likely to question the advice.

So Peter tells his friends they are going to try one more time.

I am sure Tom, Nate, John and Jim and the other two guys were thrilled.

And on the other side of the boat, the net comes up filled with fish.

Peter and his friends drag their nets full of fish onto the beach and find the man there with bread and fish already on a beach fire.

Lots of lessons might be drawn from this story.

Lessons like the answer to problems may be closer than you think.

Try to look at your problems from a different angle.

Turn to the man on the beach for direction and advice with problems.

I like the end of the story.

On the beach, breakfast was ready.

Regardless of how the night of fishing went.

Regardless of whether or not the fisherman took the advice of the man on the beach.

Regardless of whether or not there were any fish on the other side of the boat.

Breakfast was ready.

Ready and waiting.

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