2.1.2020 – exit strategy

exit strategy
one month into the new year
which way to the door?

February first and I am worn out both the current everlasting news cycle and my personal journey of floating down the river of discovery with no control.








Make the noise stop.


I am tired.

Really tired.

Sleep is a friend who no longer wants to stay all night.

My shoulders hurt if I lay on one side too long.

My head always seems to ache.

I am cold all the time except for when I am too hot.

Me and my stomach don’t seem to like each other very much.

My elbows, MY FREAKING ELBOWS hurt.

Look up any of these symptoms and the word stress is lurking somewhere in the discussion.

Sure these next few months are going to change, choice filled.

Other old issues also rise up off the shelf where I thought I had them hidden away.

I cannot be unique in this respect.

I am not the only one feeling like this.

Most likely my issues are pretty minor.

Very minor in the grand scheme of things.

This can’t be new to human kind.

It is old already with me.

Tired of feeling this way.

Tired of hearing this way.

Tired of thinking this way.

Which way to the door?

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