December 1 – life support system

life support system
a nonnegotiable
necessity, sleep

I was struck by the juxtaposition of morning headlines on

One touted the “The Absolute Best Black Friday Deals Online”.

The best deals on the 62 items you currently can’t do without.

The other headline was “Stop Obsessing Over Sleep—Your Brain Will Thank You”

The sub headline is, ” Worrying about sleep is perhaps the most counterproductive thing you can do, no matter how many gadgets try to tell you otherwise.

The article states, “Sleep has become one more thing to feel guilty about, even when the data we’re consulting is often flawed or incomplete. It’s one more number we didn’t hit, one more goal we didn’t achieve. Pangs of guilt follow every new study reminding us of this magical panacea, if we would just turn off Netflix, forget our social lives, emails, and all the dishes in the sink, and just climb into bed.

Sleep may be a biological necessity, but our stress over it is a choice. So let’s put the issue to bed. Hit the snooze button on this one! All the wide-eyed worry over shut-eye is the thing that’s actually cheating us of immortality, or at the very least, stealing the promise of a delicious, relaxing, no-pressure night of sleep.”

I need sleep.

And I can’t sleep due to worrying about sleep.

And the gadgets that are available online actually re-enforce if not create the anxiety.

And that isn’t even commenting on the anti sleep anxiety I create for myself because if I DO SLEEP, I might miss out on the great deals available on these gadgets.

Only in America!

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