November 30 – each day, all the year

each day, all the year
Oh how I Hate Ohio State
Game Changes Nothing

I was about to start this line with “I am sorry but I like University of Michigan Football.”

I am not sorry.

There is nothing to be sorry about it.

The CEO of GANNETT once said, “33% of the population of the United States are rabid sports fans. 100% of sports fans in the United States think every IN THE United States are rabid sports fans.

I understand that.

And I am not sorry I like Michigan Football.

I am not a ‘Michigan Nut.”

I do not own a pair of MAIZE and BLUE checked golf pants.

I own very few MICHGAN branded items.

I do make sure that my shirts and sweat shirts say just MICHIGAN.

I do make sure that the word is printed on in a straight line.

No arced MICHGAN.


No Block M’s.

No fancy lettering.

For me, it’s tradition,

Back when my older brother’s and sister’s went to Michigan, you had a choice of T Shirts.

Blue MICHIGAN on GOLD and Gold MICHIGAN on Blue.

This style is getting rare these days but the wife understands.

And I understand that this isn’t for everyone.

I come by this tradition honestly.

Grandpa Hoffman graduated from Michigan in 1911.

My Dad graduated in 1942.

5 of my brothers and all 3 sisters graduated from Michigan.

I graduated in 1983 from Michigan.

3 Brothers-in-Law and 2 Sisters-in-law graduated from Michigan.

Not sure, but I think 6 or 7 nephews and nieces are now Alumni.

So I make no apology.

I like Michigan Football.

I hate Ohio State.


Enough said.

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