December 2 – foreign policy

foreign policy
terminal decline; make way
foreign politics

Online in the Guardian, David Adler and Ben Judah wrote an article titled, “Traditional ‘foreign policy’ no longer exists. Democrats are the last to know – Progressives need a new doctrine, championing the interests of the global 99% against a transnational oligarchy

Sadly and yet, intriguingly, I feel this is true.

They state:

Trump’s election was a symptom of a foreign policy paradigm in terminal decline; his foreign politics a dark premonition of what might replace it. Not only were his supporters reacting to a general sense that they had lost control over their national borders in the process of rapid international integration; they were also reacting to a more acute sense that the US government and its army of diplomats merely channeled the interests of a transnational economic elite. Trump promised to attack that elite, and – through his diplomacy-by-Twitter – cut out the middlemen unworthy of trust.

Trump is, of course, not alone. From Benjamin Netanyahu to Vladimir Putin, rightwing leaders are practicing foreign politics to advance their personal interests, linking up in a network of like-minded authoritarians who have little respect for the cherished norms of the liberal international order.

I think of Theordore Roosevelt negotiating (and winning the Nobel Peace) the end of the Russo-Japanese war as he thought he was the man to do it.

History seems to show that FDR and Churchill pretty much ran World War 2 as like minded authoritarians.

The reason for foreign policy I was taught is that it was there to take responsibility for any mistakes. Presidents took credit for any successes.

The world is smaller.

Few decisions can be made that will or would impact just one nation state.

Just got to remember to get the right people in place.

Traditional ‘foreign policy’ no longer exists. Democrats are the last to know

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