1.3.2023 – lunch time beach walking

lunch time beach walking
servers clicks webpages emails
somewhat disappear

Out the door of my office, down the street and cross at the corner.

Take the fenced in path through the parking lot.

Bang – Zoom, I am on the beach.

I am walking across the sand wearing khakis and a button down to be sure but still …

Jim Harrison once wrote along that lines that it would take a half a day but he could get on plane, land in northern upper lower Michigan, get in his car and be back at his home in Leelanau.

Really, he said, it was the only way he could handle being in Los Angeles.

Back at my desk, the servers, clicks, webpages and emails are waiting for me.

But I knew they would be when I left.

Whatever happened to those little naked elves?

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