1.2.2022 – everyone standing

everyone standing
in a pool of gasoline
each with kitchen match

Based on the description of Nuclear War that every country was in a basement room together, standing in 4 inches of gasoline and that everyone had a pack of matches.

One goes, everyone goes.

It was said by either Richard Feynman or Carl Sagan and I could do the Google but just now I am happy to know someone said it.

It wasn’t Enrico Fermi.

It was Fermi who, at the Trinity Bomb test when the first Plutonium Bomb was set off on the New Mexico desert that if the gadget didn’t work, the US had just spent $2 Billion proving that nuclear bombs weren’t possible.

Fermi then added, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing to prove.

Today though, I was not thinking about Nuclear Bombs or Nuclear War even though I had just finished reading On the Beach, the 1957 novel about life in Australia AFTER the northern hemisphere is destroyed in a Nuclear War.

Australia had not been involved in the war but the nuclear fallout created by the bombs in the north slowly crept south and all life under the cloud is wiped out.

More on my mind was the story of of a feller who went into a grocery store in Atlanta.

He was was wearing body armor and carrying six loaded weapons — four handguns in his jacket pockets, and in a guitar bag, a semiautomatic rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun.

He was arrested and charged and then the charges were dropped and he was released and re arrested and is in jail waiting trial on charges of reckless conduct.

His lawyer said, “I mean, all the guy did was be in the store with guns,” he said. “I go into Kroger with a gun, and I don’t expect to be arrested for reckless conduct when I do that. Based on the information from the case, he didn’t do anything that would even remotely constitute reckless conduct. And shame on the state for even prosecuting him for that.”

I am not a gun person.

I do not feel that everyone having guns makes me feel safer.

I cannot understand how, if I owned and carried a gun, I would feel safer.

And it is beyond me how any law abiding gun person would feel safer if I had a gun.

What I feel is that everyone is standing in pool of gasoline and everyone has matches.

So far the gun incidents, known as mass casualty events, have been more or less, one person and a gun.

The mass casualty events that descends into a gunfight at the OK Corral and then house to house street fighting are coming.

It’s a death spiral and there is no way out of this.

Can’t go back.

As Willy Wonka said, You can’t go back, you have to go forward to go back.

I see no resolution to this issue other than the end.

Like the nuclear cloud in On the Beach, it is coming and cannot be stopped.

Inevitable and here now.

In On the Beach, everyone in the end, well …

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