1.1.2023 – kinda sums it up

kinda sums it up
twenty twenty two good bye
to another day …

I did not see it but I heard about it the next day.

The Ohio State Buckeyes kicked a field goal that, if good, would have beaten the Georgia Bull Dogs.

As I understand it, when the ball was kicked it was 2022.

By the the time the ball missed the uprights, it was 2023.

Earlier that evening, my team, the Michigan Wolverines fought themselves and the judgments of Football Officials and in the process gave up two pass interceptions for 14 points to the other team as well as leaving another 14 points sitting on the goal line.

Hard to win any game doing things like and they still could have won.

My team has never had a lot of success in these ‘Bowl’ games.

In 1979, Michigan lost to USC when Charles White of USC scored a touchdown even though he left the football 3 yards behind, on the other side of the goal line.

Last night, Michigan’s Roman Wilson rolled into the end zone with the football in his lap but the officials said he actually caught the ball and landed one yard outside the end zone.

These things happen.

Some where along the line, some sports writer put forward the opinion that after the Michigan-Ohio State game, any other game is a bit of a let down.

I have to agree with that.

Would I have traded this year’s win in Columbus, if it could have worked out that way, for a win in the Fiesta Bowl.

Now be honest.


And you know what?

No I don’t think I would make that trade.

What I would wish is that after beating Ohio State, Michigan could stun the world and say that is enough, we don’t need you silly reindeer games and stay home.

I think how I would feel had the last game of the season been that game in Columbus back in November and not that mess last night.

The thrill, not the bad taste in my mouth, until next year.

So it goes.

Michigan is 11 games away from being the first FOOTBALL TEAM ANYWHERE ANYHOW to win 1,000 games.

If they can run the table next season, that would make win 1,000 possible in the 11th game, a game on the road against Maryland.

Should they hit a bump and lose a game, that would make win 1,000 possible in the 12th game, at home, against you know who.

That’s next year, I mean this year, next fall.

Last year is over and done.

Taken as a whole 2022, had some high spots, some low spots and some spots in between.

Glad to see it gone though.

This decade seems to have lasted 10 years already.

And very glad to have a new year to look forward to.

And last nights game?

As Margaret Mitchell wrote at the end of her book, Gone with the Wind:

“I’ll think of it all tomorrow … I can stand it then.


After all, tomorrow is another day.

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