12.18.2022 – rules regulations

rules regulations
which limit freedom price for

In the essay, What Life Means to Einstein, in the book, Glimpses of the Great (Macauley, New York, 1930), author G. S. Viereck asked Albert Einstein, Do you agree with Lenin’s statement that liberty is a bourgeois prejudice?

Maybe,” Einstein remarked, slightly inclining his silver head.

“Lenin was right.

Complete freedom is incompatible with civilization.

If I don’t want other men to tread on my toes, I, too, must submit to rules and regulations, which limit my freedom.

The more highly populated a country is, the greater are the sacrifices of personal freedom demanded of the individual.

These sacrifices are the price we pay for civilization.”

SO am I quoting Einstein or am I quoting Lenin.

I mean I know I am quoted Uncle Al, but as inspired by Vladimir Lenin.

Not sure it matters as just the very idea that COMPLETE freedom was NOT promised by the Constitution of United States and that there is any value or concept such as civilization that is word the price of any part of our freedom will be seen as code words for gosh who knows what.

Code words, bad words, evil words.

Had it been around, Uncle might have worked the word woke into the quote.

I mean such thoughts, let alone getting these thoughts down on paper, BOY HOWDY!

In his book, Waiting for the Morning Train: A Michigan Boyhood by my hero, Bruce Catton, Mr, Catton recalls the afterwards of a town versus town baseball game, writing thusly:

I remember one time a baseball team from a nearby town came over to play our team.

Our team was badly beaten, and afterward I watched a wagonload of out-of-town fans start off on the homeward trip.

These people were jubilant, and a woman sitting beside the driver called out gaily: “We came here to see Benzony get trimmed, and by Jolly they did get trimmed.”

This was bad to hear.

There was malice in it; furthermore, the woman had said “by Jolly,” which was simply a thin disguise for “by Golly.”

No one knew just what Golly was a euphemism for, but it clearly was some sort of profanity, and no woman in Benzonia would have used the word.

It appeared that the children of darkness had triumphed over the sons of light.

It’s just not civilized.

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