6.10.2022 – day age we live in

day age we live in
you’re entitled to hate them
you know what I mean?

“And I think that the day and age that we live in now, it’s just so negative that you see it in everything. Sport, politics, whatever it is, it’s like if you disagree with someone you just feel that you’re entitled to like hate them and talk bad about them and just bash their decision, when everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, you know what I mean?”

PGA Golfer Justin Thomas commenting on the pro golfers who opted to play in the new Saudi backed golf league … and about life in the United States in general.

Back in the day, I think there were just as many opinions and just as many thoughts but if you wanted to express them to the world at large you wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper or called AM talk radio.

Since few people read editorials and fewer people listened to AM talk radio, the opinions were muffled.

Today, all anyone has to do is voice their opinion on social media and their opinions are amplified beyond the wildest imaginations.

Of all the emotions available, it seems that giving into rage, giving into hate, are the most embraced by social media.

I don’t watch the Simpson’s often but I saw the one where Homer went on a work’s outing to the local minor league baseball team and was warned by his wife to not make a drunken fool of himself.

Homer replied that he ‘ … had a ticket! A ticket which gives me the right … no … the OBLIGATION to make a drunken fool of myself.’

As Mr. Thomas said, today we feel ‘entitled to hate.’

The only thing that is left is for when we are obligated to hate.

Sounds stupid until it is remembered that this was not beyond anyone’s wildest imagination and in the book, 1984, by George Orwell, every day all the employee’s gather in the lunch room for the required ’10 minute hate.’

It’s the day and age that we live in now.

You know what I mean?

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