6.9.2022 – with increased demand

with increased demand
please expect shipping delays
summer of firearms

With the number of shootings across America that have been reported again and again and again in the past weeks, I have to point out that a local gun shop has summoned up the gumption to apologize.

That’s right, apologize.

They offer daily deals that, “… aim to provide our customers with new products and best sellers at amazing prices. Daily Deal product offerings include American Made firearms, AR-15 parts and accessories, 9mm pistols, bulk ammo, magazines, optics, and so much more.”

They also sell flame throwers with the pledge, “Flamethrower ownership is generally legal in the United States without requiring any sort of background check. This is America, and freedom is something we stand for.”

But they include the disclaimer, “As the product name states, it is simply a long range torch. However, Maryland and California do have restrictions regarding such devices. The city of Warren, Michigan also prohibits possession via local ordinance.”

As I said, of late, on their webage is an apology.

They are sorry but to increased demand, shipments may be taking more time than usual.

It should also be mentioned that their products have a lifetime guarantee.

They don’t say whose lifetime.

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