10.21.2021 – I learned that no one

I learned that no one
was coming to rescue me
and that was OK

In my morning reading of the news of, about and from around the world I came across the article, “Life after loneliness” or was the title, “Life after loneliness: ‘I was a single, isolated workaholic – until I learned to love my own company‘”?

The article was written by someone named Saima Mir.

Not that the name meant anything to me but according to her website she is ” . . . a writer and journalist.  Read all about my thoughts on life, love, and the world, as I navigate writing and raising boys.”

I was intrigued enough to read the story.

It was the usual story of someone dealing with a lot of issues and then coming to terms with those issues.

It was her conclusion that I found unusual.

When I read the lines:

What I learned was that no one was coming to rescue me – and that was OK.

I found acceptance, and even began to love my own company.

Offering an empathic ear to others also set me free.

I am all about solutions.

My life in online news was folks bringing me problems and me fixing those problems.

If life throws a problem at me I know there has to a fix, a solution to that problem.

There has to be.

There has to be, right?

Maybe not …

Maybe there is no fix.

Maybe there is no solution.

Maybe there is no fix or solution within my means.

Goodness knows my path through this world the last year should be evidence that I am not the one in charge.

My morning starts with reading.

My morning starts with reading and coffee.

My morning reading starts with The Bible.

My Bible reading starts with the Bible Gateway’s Verse of the day.

I try not to read too much into my reading.

That each verse is selected for me.

I was part of the team that created this online feature back in 1995.

We were given a text file of 365 Bible verses and then we created a script that presented one online every 24 hours on the Zondervan website.

So the concept that each day’s verse was selected personally for each person is a bit hard to accept.

But then we are talking about God things so maybe it isn’t that hard or shouldn’t be that hard to accept.

ANYWAY, the verse the other day was “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14).

Wait for the Lord.

Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

I am OK with that.

See, I don’t need to be rescued.

I will be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

That is why no is coming to rescue me.

And I am OK with that as well.

Yeah, sure, easy to say but I am OK with that, too.

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