9.18.2020 – not like in the states

not like in the states
the athletic rivalry …
here its academics

Forever and ago I was in the wonderful city of Toronto for a weekend.

My friend Scott and I went up for the bookstores and the ambience of being in a big city that you could walk downtown at 1AM and the biggest problem was that Canada closed around 6.

If you can remember the Toronto of the ’80s and ’90s you have to remember the WORLD BIGGEST BOOKSTORE which I think was 4 or 5 floors and each floor the size of a football field.

FI-BIGGEST For story on the World’s Biggest Bookstore at 20 Edward st. which may be closing next year when lease expires June 20, 2012 DAVID COOPER/TORONTO STAR

I thought this was where I would go when I died.

And so many of the books were from European Publishers I had never heard of.

I was told that due to tariffs, it was cheaper to ship books from Britain that to order them from the United States.

We also went to the fabulous Ontario Science Center.

Pre WORLD WIDE WEB technology but who knew.

You could test the stress on a bridge beam.

You could land a moon lander.

And you could use an Electron Microscope.

Scott and I stayed in that exhibit for quite a while.

It might have had something to do with the electron miscroscope.

It also might have had something to do with the very cute young lady who was running the exhibet.

We engaged her in engaging conversation.

Mostly us making derogatory comments about the other to the young lady.

But she found us engaging – maybe even enduring – and she endured our comments and we talked for some time.

She told us she was from Toronto.

She told us she went to the University of Toronto.

She told us that had created ‘quite the little scandel’ in her family as her family all went to York University.

She had a sister right now enrolled at York she said.

It was ‘quite the rivalry’ you know she said.

Then she stopped.

Then she said its not like the in the states.

You know with your athletic rivalries.

Here its a rivalry based on academics.

Scott and I both assured her that as Michigan Grads, we knew just what she meant when talking about academics over athletics.

Oh yes, we knew.

We knew all about that.

But she went.

You in the states, your atheltics.

I just don’t know.

I mean there was a band here just recently for a concert at UT.

She smiled and shook her head, ‘They told us that over 100,000 people go to their football games.”

Oh yes, we knew.

We knew all about that.

Yep, lined us right up with the wrong side of the argument.

And to prove the point how thick we were, when she asked if we had had lunch, we blurted out that we had just eaten.


Sometimes you hit a road not taken and its so dark you never even knew it.

But here I am in Georgia.

I wear I mask.

And now if anyone, ANYONE dares ask me why, I can say, “I suffer from HARBAUGH … and it might be catching.”

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