9.19.2020 – milk fed lambs kidney’s

milk fed lambs kidney’s
tongue, chipirones, salt cod
six kinds canned cheese

The Manchester Guardian runs a weekly feature called Blind Date.

Two people are picked to meet at a restaurant in London and then answer questions about their ‘date.’

What I find most interesting is the article links them to the ‘posh’ restaurants where the date took place and I enjoy looking at the menus.

I don’t know but I have always heard that one of the shortest books in the world is Great Recipes from Great Britain.

Maybe its just that the Brits say they can’t believe they ate the whole thing, they really mean they eat the whole thing.

The latest blind date took place at barrafina @ adelaide in downtown London.

Their menu lists such wonders as Salt Cod Fritters, Ox tongue and the ever popular milk fed lamb’s kidneys.

I think of an interview I saw once with the Famous Chef Paul Bocuse, who died in 2018.

He was asked when was the best time to be a Chef?

Without hesitation he blurter out, “1946, right after World War 2, people ate anything!”

By chance today I had one hour to kill and found myself in Walmart and I said to myself, Mike, I said, we are going to see all the food you can get at Walmart.

Have you ever done that?

I mean go through the groceries just to look?

27 kinds of tea?

Honey from around the world.

Breakfast food I never heard of.

It is truly amazing this country of ours.

The wine and beer section has been expanded and even here in North Georgia you can now buy Bell’s Ale.

They even had bottles of wine that cost over $100.


Those bottles are kept under lock and key just like the iPhones.

They also have cans of wine.

I have to say that again.

They also have cans of wine.

I am not sure if that something you say out of pride or disbelief.

20 kings of bacon.

That is very important.

Canned goods and frozen foods beyond measue.

And cheese.

They also have cheese in a can.

They also have 6 kinds of cheese in can.

They would have had seven but the seventh one was sold out.

Cheese in a can.

Maybe I will try the milk fed lamb’s kidney.

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