5.17.2020 – my view through my lens

my view through my lens
my assumption what I see
same through your lens, but …

I remember a story in a book on photography.

The author, who I cannot recall, described a scene at a park where he was walking with a friend.

The were some distance behind another feller who had a camera.

This feller would stop and stare and now and then, move around in one spot, and take a photo.

Then the feller would move on.

Our author and his friend would arrive at the same spot and they would stop.

The author’s friend would look.

And look and look.

And say, “What did that feller see here? I don’t see anything. What was he taking a picture of?”

In the 1981 film, Ansel Adams, photographer, Mr. Adams describes what went into the photograph Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.

I feel the most important of the story is Mr. Adams saying, “I observed a fantastic scene.”

From the get-go he recognized that what he was looking at was special and that a special photograph just might capture the scene.

Mr. Adams has written about this moment and the upheaval as he pulled over and starting setting up his camera.

You have to love the part where he cannot find his light meter but remembered that moonlight was 250 candles per square foot.

He writes that he got all set and snapped the photo and “I knew it was special when I released the shutter.”

Would I have recognized the scene?

I would not have remembered the luminosity of the moon in foot candles.

Would I have had the same view in my lens?

Doubt it.

As I walk though my day today I will see many things.

But I will make the assumption that what I see and the way I see it is the way every one sees it.


Stay at home.

Wear a mask.

President Trump.



They way I see these things is the way everyone sees them.


Obviously not.

The views are different and all over the place.

A short walk down the information super highway with a crowd from social media should convince me of that.

Though, I still have to stop at the same spots and I have to ask.

What did those people who come away with different views see here?

What do you see here?

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