5/16/2020 – life’s balloons, bubbles

life’s balloons, bubbles
so many sharp points, corners
they pop so quickly

It happens so fast.

Hidden shoals.


Sudden catastrophic catastrophy.

One minute, the Titantic is steaming along, the greatest modern marvel of the age.

The next minute, Titanic is synonymous for disaster.

It happens so fast.

Why is life like the tents I made as kid in the basement with blankets and poles?

I never had enough poles so the blanket roof was always falling in somewhere.

I move a pole to prop up this corner then that corner collapeses.

If life were like balloons wouldn’t I be trying to hold it down instead of prop it up?

Is that why balloons must be filled with hot air to float?

And even if my life was a hot air balloon and if it was always trying to stay up, the world is filled with sharp point and corners.

So hard for the balloon.

Balloons and bubbles of life.

Better a balloon than a bubble.

But both are so short lived.

Short lived in the world or sharp points and corners/

So easy for the sharp points and corners.

So hard to accept the balloon.

So easy to believe in the sharp points and corners.

Maybe it is gravity to blame.

Everything is pulled down.

Water runs down.

Waves crash down.

London Bridge is falling down.

Planes are shot down.

Rockets splash down.

In the movie LOST HORIZONS, the man there encourages them to try looking at the top of the mountain and not the bottom.

I can be encouraged to look up.

I can try to be a balloon.

So much easier to believe it is all down from here.

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