4.12.2020 – On Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday
In the Year 2020
Tomb is still empty

I was about to write that Easter Sunday arrives this year at a time when uncertainty about the future, at levels previously unknown, impacts much of the world.

Then I thought, how is this different.

How is this different from any other day?

For crying out loud, I live in a city where a big chunk of freeway burned up.


A concrete and steel freeway!

Who predicted that?

What certainties are they in there in everyday life?

Truly, there are reasons for uncertainty today.

The global coronavirus fears have everybody guessing and worrying.

Yet studies have shown that there is less anxiety when I know what to worry about.

I know there will be change.

I know that I will impacted and or affected by these changes.

Very uncertain.

On Easter Morning for me there is at least one over riding certainty.

That tomb over near Jerusalem is still empty.

For me, that empty tomb is beyond a hope and more than a promise.

It is fact.

Uncertainty raise your ugly head and do your worse.

I have certainty in a future in will bring the best.

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