4.11.2020 community we had

community we had
community we have, get to
community we need

Could there be a silver lining to the coronavirus?

Can a positive spin be spun on covid-19?


Maybe there will be a chance to start over again.

A national reset.

A global reboot.

A chance once more for the ‘City on a hill.”

In American History, the phrase comes on the stage in 1630.

John Winthrop, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1630 to 1634, used the phrase in a public address titled, “A Model of Christian Charity.”

Winthrop looked to the Bible verse, “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14 (NIV)

According to the Wikipedia Article on the speech, Winthrop felt that God made people have different positions from one another, “To foster an inter-dependence among mankind, that “every man might have need of others, and from hence they might be all knit more nearly together in the bonds of brotherly affection.”

Every one might have need of others certainly describes community today.

Winthrop then moves on to explain that there are two overriding “rules” which should govern all interactions within a community, “two rules whereby we are to walk one towards another: Justice and Mercy.”

The overriding principle is: “if thou lovest God thou must help [thy brother].



Help thy Brother.

Mr. Winthrop saw the need back in 1630.

400 years later, still trying to get to that City on the Hill.


Maybe there will be a chance to try again.

I am reminded on an episode of that old, bizarre show, Family Affair.

Jody, Buffy, Mrs. Beazley and Mr. French.

We watched the show because it was on TV after school.

We didn’t watch the show because we wanted to watch the show.

We watched the show because we watched TV after school.

There were three channels.

We could watch a soap opera, Mike Douglas or something else.

For a long time, reruns of Family Affair was something else.

ANYWAY, there was an episode where Buffy and Jody noticed that no one in their New York apartment building interacted.

They arranged a get-to-know-you party in the lobby with treats baked by their Uncle’s butler, Mr. French.

It was kind of weird show at that.

No one came to the party.

The kids were down cast and returned to their apartment.

Later there was a loud commotion out in the hallway.

The elevators had jammed and people were trapped.

All the people who lived on that floor were out in a panic.

The kids Uncle Bill (Played by Brian Keith – you have to see him as Theodore Roosevelt in The Wind and the Lion) took charge and told Dads to go to other floors.

The plan was that they would all press the elevator buttons to see if that would clear the system.

The idea worked and the elevator service is restored.

Lots of hugs and handshakes all around.

Crisis averted!

Buffy and Jody notice the crowd and run back to their apartment and return with the punch and snacks and cups.

By the time they return, everyone has gone back to their apartments and the hallway is empty again.

Uncle Bill explains that people want privacy but they are there when you need them.

I started typing this about Family Affair with grave misgivings about a transition from A City on a Hill to Buffy and Jody.

But that last sentence works.

People want privacy but they are there when you need them

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