2.14.2020 – There is a place where

There is a place where
love begins and where love ends
and love asks nothing

Is love worse living?

Is love worth living?

Is life without love worth living?

Is that so hard?

Why is that so hard?

In the movie, “Shenandoah”, Doug McClure ask Jimmy Stewart for permission to marry his daughter.

Jimmy Stewart, who is sitting on his front porch, tells McClure to sit down as he doesn’t like people looking down on him, says to McClure, “Do you like her?”

“Sir, I ….”

“No, no. You just said you loved her. There’s some difference between lovin’ and likin'”

Why is that so hard?

Why is that so hard to understand?

Alicia Keys is the same ball park with the lines, “I keep on fallin’ In and out of love with you. Makes me so confused.”

All these questions.

Even after being married 30 years, all these questions.

I am in love, no question there.

Am I making this way to complicated?

It’s a bit of shock that I had the answer 30 years ago.

Back in the day it was a big deal to have the wedding program laid out on a computer.

What today is a word document with different fonts and sizes was seen as really cool.

My soon-to-be-wife asked me if there was anything I would like to included on the program.

I asked that Carl Sandburg’s Poem, Explanations of Love, be on the back.

The final line of this poem?

“love asks nothing.”

Explanations of Love
Carl Sandburg

There is a place where love begins and a place
where love ends.

There is a touch of two hands that foils all dictionaries.

There is a look of eyes fierce as a big Bethlehem open hearth
furnace or a little green-fire acetylene torch.

There are single careless bywords portentous as a
big bend in the Mississippi River.

Hands, eyes, bywords–out of these love makes
battlegrounds and workshops.

There is a pair of shoes love wears and the coming
is a mystery.

There is a warning love sends and the cost of it
is never written till long afterward.

There are explanations of love in all languages
and not one found wiser than this:

There is a place where love begins and a place
where love ends—and love asks nothing.

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