2.13.2020 – windshield rain splattered

windshield rain splattered
dark, wind, water, spray covered
little world, alone

My commute this morning was made more interesting by the arrival of a monsoon.

The rain was predicted to start around 7AM but it started early just for me.

Rain isn’t the word I want.

Coming down in buckets.


The floodgates of the heavens were opened.

I could see the lights of the car in front of.

I could the the white lines on either side of me.

I could see my trip odometer that I had reset to zero before I left so I had a good idea where I was.

In this little world, I concentrated on the car in front of me and kept up with the traffic around me.

I was alone.

Felt like I was in this little cocoon.

Cut off and on my own.

I did not recognize this brave new wet world I was navigating through.

I was focused on that car in front me and those two white lines.

Of course this is my week to be on call for online issues.

Of course I got two calls.

I debated not answering.

Things are such that I did take the calls.

I was talking about online issues.

I was thinking BOY ARE YOU DUMB.

I took care of the calls best I could, promising to take care of the issues as soon as I got to the office.

The rain kept coming.

I kept driving.

From my trip odometer I knew I was getting close to my exit and I maneuvered over to the right.

Merged without issue and made to my exit mostly by feel.


The rain stopped.

It was clear.

I took advantage of the clear spell and a red light at the end of the exit ramp and grabbed my phone to start the processes I would need to take care of the phoned in online issues.

Rain was gone.

The light turned green and I tossed my phone into the passenger seat.

As I moved forward slowly I had the time to think.

“What happened to the rain?”

I pulled out and BANG the rain was back and in force.

I had been under the freeway overpass and never noticed.

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