December 27 – need for distraction

need for distraction
start a jigsaw puzzle with
no time to finish

15 years ago the devil brought iPhones into the world.

Prior to that if I was in my car and someone needed to reach out to me they had one option.

Call either my home or my job and leave a message.

Thinking back, I can come up few things that really, and I mean really, that would have been beneficial had anyone been able to get a hold of me.

Today I take that stupid iPhone with me everywhere.

I am more connected.

I am more in touch.

I am at peace with the thought that I am ‘on the grid.’


Or do I have anxiety that I might miss some message.

Do I have more anxiety that I might not be in touch?

Does my anxiety go up when I lose WiFi and I have to measure my connectivity by the bars across the top of my screen.

Viscous, viscous cycle.

A short cut to insanity.

I am here to tell you a secret.

It is okay to DO NOTHING.

It might be better to DO NOTHING.

“… get used to doing activities that have no end goal and don’t offer instant gratification.” said Mr. Guy Burgs as quoted in ‘No tricks. No mantras. I just want to learn how to do nothing’: my quest to stay still by Sam Delaney in The Guardian.

Delaney writes, ‘I get in touch with Timothy D Wilson, a professor of psychology and one of the authors of the self-electrocution study.

He and his team published recent research suggesting that regular “thought breaks” in the day can reduce stress and might help make you more productive.

Meditation often asks you to clear your mind of thoughts, but I prefer to fill my mind with the right kind,” says Wilson.

You need to learn to fill your mind with pleasurable and fulfilling thoughts. It is another tool in the mental tool box.”’

I like this.

I really like this.

I am going to try this.

I am going to try this today.

Do something not based on time available or connectivity.

Maybe start a jigsaw puzzle I know I will have to pick up before its even started.

Maybe nothing at all.

I think of my hero, Peter Gibbons in the dystopian-reality, if that is possible, movie, Office Space.

Peter plays hooky from work and refuses to answer his phone.

Asked later what he did, Peter responds, ” I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be.”

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