December 26 – too much food, candy

too much food, candy
drink, gifts, fun, friends and family
but too little sleep

I celebrated the Christmas Holiday in the American tradition of excess.

The one thing I did not get too much of is sleep.

At the time, it was a small price to exchange sleep for the traditions of staying up to midnight to pack stockings while Christmas at St. Peter’s is on the TV and getting up way too early on Christmas Morning.

Then the cooking.

First that Turkey in the oven.

The only prep work I do is remove that bag of parts and the neck, rinse the whole thing best I can, put an onion inside and tie up the drumsticks.

The breakfast with bacon, eggs and freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

Then back to Christmas Dinner.

Mashed potatoes.


Sweet Potatoes.

Bread Stuffing or dressing or whatever you want to call it.

Congealed Salad, or as we called, Jello with fruit.


Black eyed peas.

Deviled eggs.

The lack of sleep is being felt, especially in my knees, but the arrival of Grand Children perks me up.

Dinner and dessert eaten.

Gifts passed around.

The day starts to lag.

Lack of sleep now hitting everyone.

I think this won’t last, this can’t last much longer.

The time comes and the guests depart.

We get to that moment, side by side on the sofa, drinks in hand.

Tired out.

Tired out a lot more than we used to be.


But, lack of sleep was a small price to exchange for the many excesses and blessings of the day.

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