September 16 – I did not pass go

I did not pass go
my morning routine all off
don’t want my next throw

Right out of bed, a problem was brought to my attention at one of our TV stations.

I knew if I started working on the problem my morning routine of shower, coffee, come to life, would be interrupted and I would be out of sorts the rest of the day.

I guess everything about my routine can change up to the time I am out the door.

If I am late, then on my commute I am dealing with school buses.

Stop, start, wait, wait, wait and then I am late onto my start on I85 or the big wait.

I managed the problem but then I was slurping coffee, cutting corners on the rest of my ‘come to life’ time.

I got out of the house on time and even to work with an acceptable trip time.

But I have yet to come to life.

I did not pass go.

I did not get $200

I did NOT go to jail, but I feel that there is a game board of developed properties with nothing but Hotels waiting for me today.

I do not want to make my next throw.

I really do not even want to play.

My routine is off.

Please wake up you doofus.

Yawn, yawn, yawning.

Need a nap.

Is it 5PM yet?

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