September 15 – journey continues

journey continues
highs, lows, both unexpected
Jackie bought doughnuts

Reportedly, the share of American young adults living with their parents is the highest in 75 years.

33% of those aged 25-29 or 3 times as many as in the 1970’s.

Our son, Jackie, known as Jay, lives at home.

I guess I should say he stays at home as he live online in the gaming world when he is here.

Last night he came home with a dozen chocolate covered, cream filled, Dunkin Doughnuts.

How can so many highs and lows be tied into a food item at the same time.

Start with a deep fried cake, fill it with creme, coat it with a sugar glaze and cover the top with chocolate icing.

But the calories.

Oh the sweetness.

Deep frying?

Fluffy cake.

How fast it disappears.

The sugar high.

Bliss of kinda doing something wrong.

The ‘thunk’ when it lands in my stomach.

Do I need this?

Do I want this?

I shut off the discussion, tabled the question and called for an end to the debate.

Then, ate a doughnut with a clear conscience.

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