3.5.2023 – my community

my community
pathologically lazy
rejoice with brisk walk

From the paragraph:

There’s (sedentary) rejoicing in my community, the pathologically lazy, at the news that only 11 minutes of brisk walking a day may save us from early death.

Of course, multiple caveats must accompany this statement, distilled from a Cambridge University-led meta-analysis of data on physical activity and heart disease.

We would have to be in the lucky 10%: only one in 10 early deaths could be avoided with a brief constitutional.

Exercise levels were also self-reported, meaning researchers had to make some assumptions about duration and intensity.

And 11 minutes is a neatly digestible take-home from analysing 196 studies with more than 30 million participants, not a magic bullet.

We like a magic-bullet figure though, don’t we?

In the article, An 11-minute walk can save you from an early death? That’s my kind of fitness regime by Emma Beddington in the Guardian, 3.6.2023.

I may have told the story how as an exercise with a big group of people, I was given a pack of 50 cards with a word on each card.

We had to divide the cards in half, choosing the words that best described ourselves.

Then we did it again.

Then we did again.

Then we did it until we were down to the last card, the last word, that was OUR word.

We had to go around the room and read our word out loud.




My turn.


Kinda blew up the effect of the exercise.

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