12.29.2022 – a reasonably

a reasonably
accurate and coherent
auto biography

one important thing!
don’t have a real story you
don’t have a real self

Two stanzas a six syllable word in the wrong spot.

Oh well, my blog, my rules.

Taken from the passage:

A reasonably accurate and coherent autobiographical narrative is one of the most important things a person can have. If you don’t have a real story, you don’t have a real self.

As it was written in the opinion piece, The Sad Tales of George Santos, by David Brooks, in the Dec 28, 2023 New York Times.

Mr. Brook’s comments:

America has always had impostors and people who reinvented their pasts.

(If he were real, Jay Gatsby might have lived — estimations of the precise locations of the fictional East and West Egg vary — in what is now Santos’s district.)

This feels different.

I wonder if the era of the short-attention spans and the online avatars is creating a new character type: the person who doesn’t experience life as an accumulation over decades, but just as a series of disjointed performances in the here and now, with an echo of hollowness inside.

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