11.14.2022 – no recognition

no recognition
it’s exciting searching for

In the article, Don’t mention the penalties! England’s 1990 team look back at the World Cup match that changed everything, by Simon Hattenstone, the writer tracks down as many members of the team as he can.

Mr. Hattenstone writes this about David Platt. (Full disclosure, I had never heard of the man,)

David Platt came on for the injured Bryan Robson against the Netherlands and went on to have a wonderful World Cup.

He scored three of England’s eight goals, including a famous acrobatic winner against Belgium.

That volley came in the final minute of extra time and was his first international goal.

I assumed Platt would be happy to recall his glory days but he, too, is proving elusive.

After years coaching and managing, he has now left football to focus on his business interests.

Eventually he replies, saying: “I’m afraid I don’t do media any more.”

I text back, asking why.

His reply is fuller, and more interesting, than I expect: “I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m fortunate to be able to live as I choose – within reason.

I have a couple of business interests that keep me occupied, play my golf, walk the dog, watch my boy play sport.

There is no need to retain my profile because I am happy living how I am doing.

I don’t need to be in the public eye, don’t need to be recognised … it’s exciting searching for anonymity.”

I liked that.

I liked that a lot.

I am going to go off and search for anonymity.

Don’t wait up.

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