11.1.2022 – learn the ballistic

learn the ballistic
specifics that happen when
love meets opposite

I listened to the man who lost six (yes, six) members of his family in one instant and then saw people robbing their bodies within seconds.

They were profoundly ordinary people, all luminously eloquent in their pain and loss.

They were an unforgettable lesson in what it is to be human.

I hadn’t expected to report on a murder trial and learn almost everything there is to learn about love.

And perhaps to learn the ballistic specifics of what happens when love meets its opposite.

So writes Robert McLiam Wilson in the article, In a deserted courtroom, the grim details of the Nice atrocity go mostly unnoticed.

So writes Mr. Wilson with such a beautiful use of words in such an ugly story, that I have to stop and take notice of the writing.

I take notice of the writing and I realize I do not recall the event.

Sub headlined, Eighty-six people died in the 2016 tragedy, yet compassion and empathy have become exhausted, I have to admit the incident is there in the back of my mind but with so much in just this past year, let alone back in 2016, it seems that my compassion and empathy have become exhausted.

Not just my compassion and empathy but everything.

The article opens with this paragraph, In Paris, a trial is taking place concerning the 14 July 2016 attack in Nice when a man drove a truck into a crowd of families attending a firework display. The three-month trial, due to end in early December, is of eight associates of Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel accused of assisting him in the attack, when a 19-tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into people celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais. A total of 86 people were killed, including 15 children. More than 450 were injured. You’d think it would be a big deal. You would be wrong.

So much, too much going on that Id think it would be a big deal.

That this event would stand out.

That I would remember.

And I am so wrong.

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