8.15.2022 – that mysterious

that mysterious
grandeur would be less grand if
less mysterious

In an essay titled, The Name and Nature of Poetry, A. E. Housman wrote:

That mysterious grandeur would be less grand if it were less mysterious; if the embryo ideas which are all that it contains should endue form and outline, and suggestion condense itself into thought.

Mr. Houseman was writing about poetry about which he also said, Poetry is not the thing said but a way of saying it.

I think I understand what he is getting at.

Don’t look too hard for meaning when you can just enjoy something.

I have some favorite movies but movies that are my favorites not from the movie itself, but from the way the actors in the movie play their parts.

There is an old Charles Laughton movie titled Witness for the Prosecution that though painful to watch in some scenes, in others, there is much pleasure in watching Charles Laughton act.

Orson Welles courtroom address in Compulsion.

Robert Duvall and Robert Deniro in True Confessions.

Much of the writing of Jim Harrison for me is not in what he writes but in how he writes it.

It is time to stop wondering what it means and just enjoy what it is.

I took the day off today.

I wanted a day off and I had the time on my side of the ledger at work.

My dear wife signed up for the day off as well and after a lazy start and some errands we spent the day in the sand at the beach.

We stretched out in the sun along the salt water and the waves and enjoyed the granduer of ocean that can be mysterious.

We left it at that.

The sun, the sand, the salt, the surf.

It was grand.

A mysterious grandeur would be less grand if it were less mysterious.

A day off with nothing and it was everything I thought it could be.

It something they call down here, locals living like tourists.

A grand mystery.

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