7.6.2022 – expect government

expect government
properly, competently
and seriously

In the 2017 book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, the author, Jonathan Allen, relates that as the election returns came in and results piled up against the Democrats, former President Bill Clinton settled on the comment that, “It’s just like Brexit” meaning mostly that the result was 1) unexpected and 2) American voting trends followed voting trends in Great Britain.

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is watching his government officials resign and when his officials resign, they give a press statement on why.

On Monday, the Honorable Rishi Sunak, MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer (more or less the Secretary of Treasury in the US) resigned and stated that:

The public expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously.

From which it can be understood that Mr. Sunak feels that the current government in Great Britain fails at all three.

Maybe the US again will follow GB just like Brexit.

Maybe we will all stand up and demand that our government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously.

Gun control?

Control the guns?


Gas prices?

Real immigration reform?

Cost of living?

Cost of a place to live?

We got real problems and we have a government who cannot play well in a sandbox at recess.


Right now I don’t care which party is in charge just so long as they manage to grow up and conduct government properly, competently and seriously.

Anyone who can say that they will going forward gets my vote.

I have got to get off this political commentary track and back to the beach and words.

This is not what I intended this blog to be.

Maybe if I ignore that lack of proper attitude, competence and seriousness in our Government I will be better off.

Why do I feel that is what they folks in Government are counting on?

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