7.3.2022 – it’s nice all golfers

it’s nice all golfers
certifiably insane
are to an extent

Adapted from the headline, “All golfers are certifiably insane to an extent’: Scott Stallings spends $400 to go back to old irons, moves up leaderboard at John Deere

It seems that a Mr. Scott Stallings felt something was off on his game and he decided he wanted to use some older golf clubs that he owned but that were back he lived.

Mr. Stallings called a friend back home and asked him to ship the clubs out which the friend did at a cost of $400 to over night the clubs.

I got no problem with any of this.

The headline.

The thought behind the headline.

The action taken by the friend.

The desire of Mr. Stalling’s to have his old clubs.

It really just all kind of sums up my thoughts on the subject in the first place.

In full, Mr. Stallings said:

“I think all golfers are certifiably insane to an extent because we know something is good, and there is always kind of the double-edged sword of always trying to get a little bit better. I tried this other set for about a year and went back to it last week and ended up third in approach to the green and I have no idea what I am this week. Feel like I’m doing something right,” said Stallings, who has shot 67-66-64. “Definitely have seen significant improvement in my iron play.

“I had some nice weeks, but just kind of inconsistent through the middle of the bag for me. Nothing is wrong with the way the club is made. It’s just as far as the way I deliver it in there. I think I match up a little bit better with the older ones.

“It’s nice to see that we were correct.”

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