6.28.2022 – when a man is afraid

when a man is afraid
base fear is always stronger
than respect always

Before there was House of Cards with Francis Underwood messing around with the United States, there was House of Cards with Francis Urquhart messing around with Great Britain.

According to wikipedia, Francis Ewan Urquhart is a fictional character created by British politician and author Michael Dobbs. Urquhart is the main character in Dobbs’s House of Cards trilogy of novels and television series: House of Cards, To Play the King and The Final Cut.

House of Cards follows Urquhart, a Conservative and the government chief whip with roots in the Scottish aristocracy, as he manoeuvres himself through blackmail, manipulation and murder to the post of Prime Minister. To Play the King sees Prime Minister Urquhart clash with the newly crowned King of the United Kingdom over disagreements regarding social justice. By the time of The Final Cut, Urquhart has been in power for 11 years, and refuses to relinquish his position until he has beaten Margaret Thatcher’s record as longest serving post-war Prime Minister

It was Francis Urquhart who said:

It’s not respect but fear that motivates a man; that’s how empires are built and revolutions begin. It is the secret of great men. When a man is afraid you will crush him, utterly destroy him, his respect will always follow. Base fear is intoxicating, overwhelming, liberating. Always stronger than respect. Always.

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