5.22.2022 – our shared values

our shared values
fairness and opportunity
kindness those in need

I am, of course, referring to the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Country on Earth.’


After winning the recent election, new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that as leader he would respect all Australians, including those who had not voted for him, saying he would “seek to get your vote next time”.

Mr. Albanese also said:

“We are the greatest country on Earth, but we can have an even better future if we seize the opportunities that are right there in front of us,” Albanese said.

“I want to seek our common purpose and promote unity and not fear. Optimism, not fear and division.

“It is what I have sought to do throughout my political life and what I will bring to the leadership of our country.

“I want to find that common ground where together we can plant our dreams, to unite around our shared love of this country, our shared faith in Australia’s future, our shared values of fairness and opportunity and hard work, and kindness to those in need.”

There was a time …

Mr. Lincoln, back in 1855, wrote in a letter to Mr. George Robertson:

On the question of liberty, as a principle, we are not what we have been.

When we were the political slaves of King George, and wanted to be free, we called the maxim that “all men are created equal” a self evident truth;

but now when we have grown fat, and have lost all dread of being slaves ourselves, we have become so greedy to be masters that we call the same maxim “a self evident lie.”

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