4.24.2022 – a calibrated

a calibrated
articulation that can’t
be articulated

I think this is a good thing.

Today’s haiku is based on comment in a story about a change at the New York Times.

The story is Less advocacy, more journalism. Changes at CNN and New York Times may signal push to the centre by Edward Helmore.

Mr. Helmore is reporting on the impression given at CNN and New York Times to focus their news efforts on news.

Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at New York University is quoted saying that the NYT is “… e saying they’re not going to be intimidated by the right wing or congratulated by the left wing into doing what they want.”

Mr. Helmore reports that “Two weeks ago the paper’s outgoing executive editor, Dean Baquet, issued “a reset” in the paper and reporters’ approach to Twitter, long held up as having undue influence over some aspects of the Times’s editorial approach.”

I can’t see anything wrong in any of these points of view.

Time will tell if the NYT follows through.

This is the newspaper that used to say, “All the News that is Fit to Print.”

The NYTs hasn’t actually made an announcement of this change but Mr. Helmore reports:

In February, the Times launched a new advertising campaign: Independent Journalism for an Independent Life. To Rosen, it was the carefully calibrated articulation of a shift that cannot be fully articulated.

“This whole issue has been wrapped up in a bow of independence,” he said. “It’s the language they’re using to announce a shift without articulating any need for a shift.”

Something along the line of trying to explain something that cannot be explained.

I wish them luck and will hope for the best.

If nothing else, I love the combination of the words.

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