3.23.2022 – wrestled reality

wrestled reality
thirty five years and happy
won out over

Just once I want to pick up a dictionary and read out loud, “P O O K A – Pooka – from old Celtic mythology – a fairy spirit in animal form – always very large. The pooka appears here and there – now and then – to this one – and that one – a benign but mischievous creature – very fond of rumpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Hoffman?”

Call it chance, mischance, luck, dumb luck or something else but something seems to always being watching out for me, especially when I don’t know it.

I have learned to stop wondering why and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Nevertheless, goofy good things happen to me and have happened to me all my life.

Tonight, I turn on the TV and Harvey was on.

Sorry but I am not sorry and I cannot turn it off.

Too many great lines and performances in this one.

The gem of it of course is the exchange with between Elwood P. Dowd and Dr. Chumley.

CHUMLEY – I would tell her things. Things that I’ve never told to anyone. Things that are locked – deep in here. And as I talked to her, I would want her to hold out a soft white hand and say ‘Poor thing. You poor, poor thing.’

ELWOOD – For how long would you want this to go on, Doctor?

CHUMLEY – Two weeks.

ELWOOD – Two weeks?! Uh – wouldn’t that get a little monotonous? Just Akron, cold beer and ‘poor, poor thing’ for two weeks?

CHUMLEY – No! It would be wonderful!

A story is told that Steven Spielberg want to remake Harvey around 2009 but Tom Hanks said there was no way he would ever DARE try to play Jimmy Stewart.

As an aside, Walter Matthau tells the story that in WW2 when he was in the Air Force in England, he would sneak into 8th Air Force Press Briefings handled by Captain Jimmy Stewart and he would watch Jimmy Stewart being Jimmy Stewart.

Tonight I focused on the line, “Well, I wrestled with reality for thirty-five years, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over.”

I like it so much, I’ll say it again.

Well, I wrestled with reality for thirty-five years, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over.

Nothing about this real world is real.

Happy to say I embrace, wholehearted an alternative reality and my reality isn’t here.

Who thinks these things and writes these things down but that these things were supposed to be written and some folks got chosen to write them down.

And with that I turn to the my favorite lines in the movie.

. . . as the evening wore on.
“The evening wore on.”
That’s a very nice expression, isn’t it?
With your permission, I’ll say it again.
“The evening wore on.”

And with your permission, I’ll say it again, ‘the evening wore on’ and I am going to bed.

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