3.15.2022 – to speak to strangers

to speak to strangers
everyone had a story
and wanted to tell it

Adapted from the line, “she resolved to speak to strangers, since she had discovered that people like to talk, and it only took a couple of questions to make friends and find out lots of things.”

From the book, The Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende (2020 – Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York).

Fitting thoughts while listening to a Concert for Ukraine on the radio (online) from London.

I was thinking about talking to strangers.

There must be something about my wife and I when we go out to the shore or the river as people talk to us.

Most often folks ask us to take a picture of themselves as they can’t get a good selfie together.

One time this nicely dressed couple approached us and asked if we wouldn’t mind taking a couple of pictures if them as a couple with their phone.

They had a story all there own.

They had just been married at a local old church down here on the river side.

Everyone had been there.

Photographer photographed everything.

It all had been picture perfect.

Except that everyone then left and the couple realized they had no photos of themselves that could be posted on facebook or anything else.

That lucky couple got pictures and hugs.

We like talking to people.

We like talking to kids.

But often it seems like kids don’t like talking to us.

My wife says it freaks out kids when I do the pull-the-tip-of-my-finger-off.

But I know better.

Kids are all told not to talk to strangers.

And they aren’t ever going to meet anyone stranger than us.

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