1.19.2022 – things fall apart

things fall apart
norns, the weavers of fate, with
with sense of humor

Things fall apart.

The phrase is used as re-occurring punctuation in the online news story, Even under the mask, Johnson looked like someone who knew the game was up.

Things fall apart.

It is a story about how the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is trying to get out from under the story that he went to party that no told him was actually a party.

The Prime Minister has initiated Operation Save Big Dog to try and keep his job.

The same page of News also had the headlines, Which is more dysfunctional – the US or the UK? and Is midnight upon us? Doomsday Clock panel to set risk of global catastrophe and America must take steps now to avoid a slide into authoritarianism.

There was a time in World History when the President of the United States wrote to the Prime Minister of England, “It is fun to be in the same decade with you.”

That was Franklin Roosevelt writing to Winston Churchill.

That those two came together at the same time and, well, that they didn’t come together now gets me to thinking about the Norns.

According to Norse Mythology, you know, the Vikings, at the center of the cosmos were three sisters called the Norns who spun or weave the destiny of the world.

There is little agreement on what they are doing, spinning a long string or weaving a cloth, but whatever they are doing, they are responsible for what happens to ever one every where.


One writer I read writes that the Norns sit a big loom, weaving a tapestry.

If you have ever seen one of these looms, its a big frame with that separates every other north-south thread in a fabric and a shuttle is slid back and forth with east-west material and then with a motion the north-south threads are switched up and down to create a weave.

According to this writer, just when you have fate figured out, bazoom, the norns slide that shuttle back the other way or, bazoom, they switch the position of the threads or, bazoom, they use a batten to shove the weave tighter.

Whatever they do, it changes the direction anyone thinks there fate is going.

Along with this random action, the norns also select the type of thread, the colors and the patterns so to that extent their choices impact fate on earth.

I don’t believe any of this of course but it is fun to speculate and to wonder sometimes what those crazy Norns were thinking.

For the most part, according to Wikipedia, the Norns could be malevolent or benevolent: the former causing tragic events in the world while the latter were kind and protective.

Reading the newspaper today I realize that the Norns also have sense of humor.

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