1.16.2022 – there are certain things

there are certain things
can only say in english
(but not fiction)
because fiction flows

This haiku went off the rails in regard to the original arrangement of the words.

So I broke the rules which was easy as this is my blog and I make the rules and I added the non-boldface words in parenthesis so you read them but don’t see them.

I was working from the quote, “You know, I find that I forget how to talk in Spanish, because there are certain things that I only say in English. I can write nonfiction in English, but fiction, no, because fiction flows in a very organic way. It happens more in the belly than in the brain.

The quote appears in the online article “Isabel Allende: I still have the same rage.

Isabel Allende is reported, by Wikipedia, to be the “the world’s most widely read Spanish-language author.”

And I have not heard about her.

I was also drawn to the quote:

I have three things that all writers want: silence, solitude and time. But because of the work my foundation does with people at risk, I’ve been very aware that there is despair and violence and poverty.

Maybe its time to see what the spanish speaking world has been reading.

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