1.13.2022 – No coach takes a job

No coach takes a job
assuming they’ll fail – think they’re
going to succeed

Little Jimmie ‘I Lost the Brown Jug” Harbaugh made it to the sports page of the Manchester Guardian.

The headline was Jim Harbaugh’s likely NFL return shows college isn’t what it used to be.

Boy you can say that again.

Back when I was in college with Jimmie and he would go practice football and I would go and try to get lost in the grad library, it sure seemed a lot more simple.

A lot more fun.

But someone had to come along and fix it.

Play to crown a real national champion and more fans from more schools will be involved in the process and the game.

Yep that worked out.

I remember how at the end of college football season, as many as 10 or 12 teams would be looking at how their team might be voted the champion depending on how all the bowl games were played.

Now we got a system and just two teams, two teams with extensive fan bases that included the entire state of Alabama and the north east corner of South Carolina, seem to have controlled that discussion.

Boy Howdy and oh boy.

So we can fix the fix this and put more teams into the mix.

Now 4 more games and this seems to be getting the game off the field and into the schools medical and injury support so maybe my old college might benefit.

Just label anything fun and take it out, just like my old job.

Somehow they were able to take college football and turn it into the only national sport were FEWER people are interested in the playoffs.

That’s a pretty neat trick but not one that you would think would want on your resume.

Anyway, reading that article I got to this line.

No coach goes into a job assuming they’re going to fail. They think they’re going to succeed.

How about that!

I am sure I knew this.

I am sure everyone knows this.

Still, it has to be said.

I remember years and years ago watch some game and the poor little reporter on the field has to interview the coach of the visiting team as the half came to an end.

I know that everyone is aware this is a RULE.

I don’t mean that it is a rule for ‘How to Cover College Sports – A TV Broadcaster Rule Book’ but then again maybe it is.

What I mean is that in the great board meetings that take place where major things are decided that impact all our live, it was agreed upon by all the powers that have the power to be at these meetings that any and all college football and basketball coaches MUST – HAVE TO – GONNA GET IN TROUBLE IN YOU DON’T – take part in these running off the field interviews.

It is in the contracts between the TV Networks and the conferences, the conferences and the schools and the schools and the coaches.

It is a RULE.


So when the young sideline reporter is told at the production meeting to GET THAT INTERVIEW, if the reporter asks ‘HOW?’ as in “HOW DO I GET JUWAN HOWARD TO talk to me?” the producer can yell back, “Don’t worry about that – THEY GOTTA DO IT.”

For the fan I guess.

Some where is the person who thought this up.

That at this moment, we needed someone to yell some questions at a coach.

Either at the half and at the end of game.

Some of the world’s best sports questions and answers have come out of this idea.

One of my favorites was when a reporter as a very fast walking Bobby Knight how his team was able to win the game.

Coach Knight, without breaking stride replied that while he was an not expert like most sports broadcaster he did recommend that if you looked at the scoreboard you would see that his team scored more points than the other team.

He was pretty much jerk in real life too.

Another time, a breathless young reporter (they always seem to get this assignment) run up to Bear Bryant and asked why he ran a certain play.

As I remember it, Coach Bryant stopped and stared at the reporter and said, ‘Everything I do is part of trying to WIN this game.’

The reporter didn’t like that or something so repeated the question.

Coach Bryant repeated the answer.

The reporter again started to repeat with a ‘But ….”

Coach Bryant stared for a second or 2 into the camera, shook his head and walked off.

They more I thought about it the more I thought he was right.

Would a Coach do something that he thought might NOT help win a game?

There is a plan here.

There is a plan when each coach is hired.

The plan is to win.

Even in the NFL were as the writer of today’s article stated:

Parity is legislated in the NFL; it’s equality by design. 

Some how this writer has not experienced the phenomena know as the Detroit Lions.

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