1.6.2022 – the power they have

the power they have
is not the power to destroy
not while this Court sits

I to think about back when.

Back when there were rules and laws and people followed the laws.

Back when there was a level of respect.

Back when we thought that the Government was going to do their best.

Back when, if the Government lost their way, the Supreme Court was there to kick them back into line.

Back in 1928, in a case at the Supreme Court where the State of Mississippi sued to get lost tax revenue back, the Court found for the State.

This decision brought a dissent from Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. who felt that the the State of Mississippi was in the wrong and was going to far.

“The power to tax is not the power to destroy while this Court sits.” Justice Holmes wrote.

Who knows what he really meant, but it sure sounded like the little guy had a friend in high places.

But things change.

The courts change.

The little guy DID have a friend on the court.

A man who once said, “If my fellow citizens want to go to Hell, I will help them. It’s my job.”

But read that last line of the Haiku.

Not while this Court sits.

Justice Holmes was on the court into his 90’s.

That Court no longer sits.

The power of Government today now seems to be the power to destroy.

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